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Poiawaawa (pō'-ĭ-ā'-wā-ā'-wā), n. 1. Sour poi. 2. A sour disposition. Poiawahia (pō'-ĭ-ā'-wă-hī'-a), n. 1. Bitter poi. 2. A vicious or faultfinding disposition. Poikalo (po'i-kā'-lo), v. To cover up taro (upland), that is, to spread over the hills dried grass, banana leaves or anything to serve as manure and shade the roots.

Poi (pō'-i), n. A paste or pudding which was formerly the chief food of Hawaiians, and to a great extent still is. (Poi is made of taro, sweet potatoes or breadfruit, but mostly of taro, by baking the vegetables in ovens, and afterward peeling and pounding them with a little water; it is then left in a mass to ferment; after fermentation, it is again worked over with more water until it has.

5. But not to draw out a long list of errors obvious to the reader, it may be admitted at once, that the work is greatly deficiont in words. Words could have been collected from conversation, from manuscripts, and from printed books to almost any extent, but the time necessary for collecting and defining them properly, could not be spared without delaying the work indefinitely.

Paiauma (pa'i-ā-ū'-ma), v. 1. To love strongly; to remember with deep and affectionate regret, as one dead; to mourn for; to love and long after the welfare of a friend or a beloved child; to express love strongly, as a wife for a husband: paiauma wale aku no i ke aloha i na kane; (the wives of the men who went with Boki) expressed unfeigned love for their husbands.

Raiatea Mokihana Maile Helm is a Hawaiian music vocalist from Molokaʻi, Hawaiʻi. She has earned four Na Hoku Hanohano awards, as well as two Grammy nominations for Best Hawaiian Music Album.

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  1. [Parker Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)] Poiawaawa (pō'-ĭ-ā'-wā-ā'-wā), n.. 1. Sour poi. 2. A sour disposition.

  2. Poiawaawa (pō'-ĭ-ā'-wā-ā'-wā), n. 1. Sour poi. 2. A sour disposition. E kōmi pālua i ka huaʻōlelo no ka imi ʻana. Ua hiki nō ke huli piha ma nā puke wehewehe ʻōlelo pākahi, mai kinohi a ka pau ʻana, ma ʻaneʻi. No Ulukau Nā Hoa Kulekele Hoʻohana Pilikino Hoʻokaʻaʻike Kuleana kope.

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